Staff Directory

  1. Kim M. Torres


  2. Sandy B. Foret


  3. Melissa Rivere


  4. Donna A. Guilfo

    Special Assistant to Secretary-Treasurer

  5. Justin Clement

    Mosquito Control Supervisor/IT Support Specialist

  6. Kim Aucoin

    Administrative Assistant

  7. Mercedes Bernard

    Special Programs Director

  8. Linda Richard

    Program Coordinator/Assistant to the Director

  9. Markel Buchanan

    Intake Worker II

  10. John Boudreaux

    OEP Director

  11. Anne Blanchard

    Special Assistant to the Director

  12. Carol Jupiter

    Administrative Assistant

  13. Kayla Thompson


  14. Oliver Paul LeBlanc

    Parish Manager

  15. Nakeitha Mills

    Special Assistant to the Parish Manager

  16. Maria Joseph

    Administrative Assistant/Event Planner

  17. Patrick Fleming

    General Foreman

  18. Brian Blankenship

    Assistant Parish Manager

  19. Imogene Johnson

    Administrative Assistant