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Police Jury Meeting, September 13, 2017
Agenda File

4:15 P.M.  Drainage Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Henry Dupre, Chairman; Mr. Myron Matherne, Mr. Irving Comeaux, Mr. Chris Carter, Mr. Booster Breaux, Mr. Martin Triche


1.            Request approval for culvert replacement at 5744 Hwy 308 (W1)

2.            Request approval for outfall project on Gary St. (W8)

3.            Discuss drainage on Paul St. (W9)

4.            Discuss outfall on James St. (W9)


4:25 P.M.  Economic Development Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Booster Breaux, Chairman; Mr. Ron Alcorn, Mr. Irving Comeaux, Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Martin Triche


1.            Presentation of the new Parish Website

Justin Clement


4:40 P.M.  Personnel Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Booster Breaux, Chairman; Mr. Patrick Johnson, Mr. Chris Carter, Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Myron Matherne, Mr. Martin Triche


1.            Introduce Kayla Thompson the new planner for the Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness

2.            Request an additional 6 weeks of FMLA leave for Angelina Truehill, Custodian

3.            Consider rate increase for Angie Donsereaux, Custodian


4:50 P.M.  Finance Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Martin Triche, Chairman; Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Ron Alcorn, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Booster Breaux


1.            Consider approval of list of bills submitted through September 8, 2017

2.            Consider approval for Abstract Services for the purchase of property on Highway 1008

3.            Consider request from National Guard Armory to increase their budget allocation for 2017 by $300

4.            Approve Section 8 Administrative renewal contract for October 2, 2017 - September 30, 2019

5.            Consider request from Assumption ARC to purchase a baler ($6,500)

6.            Consider approval to pay 2017-2018 dues for South Central Planning ($8,383.56)

7.            Approval for Housing Director (Mercedes Bernard) and Outreach In-taker (Kelly Buchanan) to attend the Region VI Conference, October 25-27, 2017 in New Orleans ($1,364)

8.            Review of charges relative to derelict structures and grass cutting


5:20 P.M.  Engineering/Grants Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Irving Comeaux, Chairman; Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Ron Alcorn, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Martin Triche


1.            Approve a letter of ‘No Objection’ for  Texas Gas Transmission, LLC proposed removal and replacement of casing vents on existing 20-inch pipeline

2.            Discuss Restore Act Funding

3.            Discuss road overlay on Gilbert St. (W1)

4.            Discuss the Bayou L’Ourse Walking Trail contractor and engineering (W3)

5.            Address substantial completion for 2015 Road Program

6.            Discuss potential fees for connection to public sewer

7.            Request a variance for road width at end of St. Joseph St. (W8)

8.            Request approval for driveway repairs at 114 Mitchy Ct. (W8)

9.            Update on Disaster Recovery Grants

10.          Update on FEMA Appeals



Regular Meeting

Of the

Assumption Parish Police Jury


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

6:00 O’clock p.m.


1.            Roll Call of Police Jurors


2.            Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag


3.            Sit as “Board of Review” to accept complaints on assessments of personal property as made by the Parish Assessor


4.            Presentation of Annual Report from the La. Cooperative Extension Service


5.            Request approval of minutes of August 23, 2017


6.            Public Comments Period


7.            Drainage Committee Report


8.            Economic Development Committee Report


9.            Personnel Committee Report


10.          Finance Committee Report


11.          Engineering/Grants Committee Report


12.          Discuss bicycle safety

Paul Gilmore


13.          Discuss bulkhead repairs for Landry Subdivision Drainage District

Johnny Hebert


14.          Approve Annual Certification of Compliance with Off Bridge System Replacement Program & authorize the President to sign


15.          Approval to adopt ordinance 17-06 levying charges for the removal of derelict structure totaling $10,016.50


16.          Approval to re-appoint Jan Carrier to the Labadieville Recreation District (5 yrs)


17.          Approval to re-appoint Jenny Payne and Lana Chaney Ourso to the Recreation District #2 -Pierre Part/Belle River (5 yrs)


18.          Approval to re-appoint Vincent Nelson to the Bertrandville Recreation District (5 yrs)


19.          Consider approval of occupational license for Grass Slasher’s Lawn Service (Labadieville), Sparky’s Bar & Brill - Name & Ownership change (Labadieville), Graceful Lawn Care, LLC (Belle Rose)


20.          Approve the 1st phase of the derelict structure procedure for dwelling located at 3168, 3166,3176, & 3174 Hwy 1 in the Labadieville Community (W4)


21.          Approve the 1st phase of the derelict structure procedure for dwelling located at 183 Violet St. in the Labadieville Community (W4)


22.          Approve the 1st phase of the derelict structure procedure for dwelling located on Violet St. Bd W by prop of G Smith, E by prop of P Batiste, N & S by prop of G Arcement in the Labadieville Community (W4)


23.          Approve the 1st phase of the derelict structure procedure for dwelling located at 206 Violet St. in the Labadieville Community (W4)


24.          Approve 1st phase of the derelict structure procedure for dwelling located at 146 Frank Lane in the Belle Rose Community (W1)


25.          Approve 1st phase of the derelict structure procedure for dwelling located at 139 Paul St. in the Pierre Part Community (W9)


26.          Discuss grass cutting ordinance

Booster Breaux


27.          Approve a proclamation for Pilgrim Baptist Church (150th yr. Anniversary)


28.          Request legal opinion on how to move forward with the junk cars at 7035 Hwy 70

Ron Alcorn


29.          Update on Firing Range in Belle River

Myron Matherne


30.          Request legal opinion on how to move forward with junk on property at 207 Michel Rd.

Myron Matherne


31.          Consider approval of the following liquor license applications:


Neil & Stephanie Daigle

2666 Hwy 1

Labadieville, LA  70372

DBA: Sparky’s Bar & Grill (Name & Ownership change)

Ward 2


32.          Other business as may be added by a unanimous vote