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Police Jury Meeting, December 21, 2016
Agenda File

5:10 P.M.  Insurance Committee Meeting

      Members:  Mr. Jeff Naquin, Chairman; Mr. Booster Breaux, Mr. Ron Alcorn, Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Irving Comeaux, Mr. Martin Triche


1.   Propose 20 yr. eligibility and deletion of 15-19 yr. eligibility for all new hires after January 1, 2017 as it relates to the Employee Health Plan

2.   Propose definition of "Age 55 Requirement" as it relates to the Employee Health Plan

3.   Request approval of resolution stating that the Parochial Retirement System and the Employee Health Plan are 2 separate individual systems and eligibility in 1 does not deem eligibility in the other.


5:15 P.M.  Engineering/Grants Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Irving Comeaux, Chairman; Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Ron Alcorn, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Martin Triche


1.   Request authorization for Parish Engineer to go out for bid for the Elmfield Lighting Project

2.   Request for letter of "No Objection" for Emergency Leak Repairs on 14" Brine Pipeline

3.   Request for letter of "No Objection" for Pipeline Anomaly Repairs at Grand Bayou Operations

4.   Approve division of Property for Bardeaux Enterprises, LLC on St.Elizabeth Street in the Paincourtville Community


5:20 P.M.  Finance Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Martin Triche, Chairman; Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Ron Alcorn, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Booster Breaux


Request approval to pay bills submitted through December 16, 2016

Request approval to pay all bills submitted from December 19, 2016 through year end

Request approval of lease with Dugas & LeBlanc for Grant Park for a 1 yr. term

Request approval for Solid Waste Chairman to attend the Waste Expo in New Orleans from May 8-11, 2017 (Est. cost of $3,140)

Request approval for OEP Director and partial staff to attend the GOHSEP Director's Conference in Baton Rouge from January 31-February 2, 2017 (Est. cost of $750)

6.   Request approval for Housing Staff & CAA Board members to attend the Association of Community Action Partnership Winter Conference on February 6-8, 2017 in Marksville, La. (Est. cost of $1,750)

7.   Approve and accept annual bids for the R&B Department for 2017

8.   Discuss removal of abandoned structure on Police Jury property near PP Fire Station

9.   Approve and accept the final amended budgets for 2016


5:50 P.M.  Public Hearing (Proposed Budgets for 2017)



Regular Meeting

Of the

Assumption Parish Police Jury


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

6:00 O'clock p.m.


Roll Call of Police Jurors


Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag


Approval of minutes of the meeting on December 14, 2016


Public Comments Period


Insurance Committee Report


Engineering/Grants Committee Report


Finance Committee Report


Public Hearing Report (Accept the 2017 Proposed Budgets)


Re-appoint Mr. Elward Gaudet, Jr. to the Library Board of Controls for a 5 yr. term


Approve and accept the 2017 Meeting and Holiday Schedules


Other business as may be added by a unanimous vote