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Police Jury Meeting, July 8, 2015
Agenda File

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Drafted on July 2, 2015


Notice Posted: __July 6, 2015____9:00 a.m.__

                                   (Date)                             (Time)


5:10 P.M. Finance Committee Meeting

Members: Mr. Martin Triche, Chairman; Mr. PatrickLawless, Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Booster Breaux


1.            Approvalto pay bills submitted through July 2, 2015

2.            Discuss vehicle purchase for R&B and Litter Abatement

3.            Discuss Ward 9 Recreation Funds


5:20 P.M. Drainage Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. HenryDupre, Chairman; Mr. Myron Matherne, Mr. Irving Comeaux, Mr. Calvin    James, Mr. Booster Breaux, Mr. MartinTriche


1.            Re-appointDiana Sewell, Warren Gonzales, Gary Landry, Ricky Landry, and Nelson Guillot asboard members of the Lower Texas Drainage District #15 each for 5 yr. term

2.            Requestapproval for a catchbasin repair at 200 Ideal St. (W1)

3.            Requestapproval for a catchbasin on Cherry St. (W2)

4.            DiscussBayou L’Ourse Drainage (W3)

5.            Discussdrainage concerns in Ward 4 (W4)

6.            Requestapproval for culvert replacement at 192 Virginia St. (W6)

7.            Requestapproval for a catchbasin at 2337 Lee Dr. (W8)

8.            Requestapproval for a catchbasin and outfall on Gary St. (W8)

9.            Requestapproval for a catchbasin on Breaux St. (W8)

10.         Requestapproval for culvert replacement on Verda St. (W9)


5:30 P.M. Engineering/Grants Committee Meeting

 Members:  Mr. Irving Comeaux, Chairman; Mr. HenryDupre, Mr. Patrick Lawless, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Martin Triche


1.            Approvalof Change Order No. 1 for the Bayou L’Ourse Boat Launch

2.            Updateon Disaster Recovery Grants

3.            Updateon FEMA appeals

4.            Updateon Bayou Corne situation


5:50 P.M. Public Hearing (Proposed 3-Way Stop at theintersection of Vickie and Linda Street in the

                  Napoleonville Community)



of the

Assumption Parish Police Jury


A public meeting will be held as follows:


DATE:                   July8, 2015

TIME:                   6:00p.m.

PLACE:                 PoliceJury Chamber

                              4813Highway 1, Napoleonville, LA 70390

CONTACT:           KimM. Torres, 985-369-7435




1.            Callto order


2.            Rollcall of Police Jurors


3.            Prayerand Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag


4.            Approvalof minutes of June 24, 2015


5.            PublicComments Period


6.            FinanceCommittee Report


7.            DrainageCommittee Report


8.            Engineering/GrantsCommittee Report


9.            PublicHearing Report


10.         Adoptthe renewed millage rates for the Council on Aging for the tax year 2015


11.         Approvea bingo permit for Lions Club of Labadieville


12.         Approvea can shake permit for SBR Jags Track & Field Club (7-25-15)


13.         Approvean occupational license submitted for Triton Diving Services, LLC (BayouL’Ourse)


14.         Approve1st phase of the derelict structure procedure for dwelling located at Lot 10off of Hwy 662 of the Felix Thibodaux Estate (W3)


15.         Updateon lease agreement with Virginia Baptist Church

Calvin James


16.         Requestthe status of installation of lights on State Highways

Patrick Johnson


17.         Requestassistance from the State and the School Board to improve the bus turnaround atthe end of Hwy 1014

Patrick Johnson


18.         RequestDOTD to trim trees along Hwy 70 in Pierre Part

Myron Matherne


19.         Announcementof opening of Waiting List for Section 8 Program Friday, July 10, 2015


20.         Otherbusiness as may be added by unanimous vote