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Police Jury Meeting, December 17, 2014
Agenda File

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5:00 P.M. Finance Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Martin Triche, Chairman; Mr. Patrick Lawless, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Booster Breaux


1.            Approval to pay bills submitted through December 12, 2014

2.            Approval to pay all bills submitted from December 15, 2014 through year end

3.            Approve the 2015 Jail Physician Contract renewal with Dr. Keith Landry

4.            Approve the 2015 Polling Place Contract renewals

5.            Approve and authorize the renewal of Boat Launch Lease with BR&T, Inc. for year 2015

6.            Approve and accept the final amended budgets for 2014


5:30 P.M.  Engineering/Grants Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Irving Comeaux, Chairman; Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Patrick Lawless, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Martin Triche


1.            Approve Engineers contract for the Assumption/LSU Ag-Center Office Building interior renovations

2.            Update on FEMA Appeals

3.            Update on Bayou Corne situation


5:50 P.M.  Public Hearing (Proposed Budgets for 2015)



Regular Meeting

Of the

Assumption Parish Police Jury


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

6:00 O’clock p.m.


1.            Roll Call of Police Jurors


2.            Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag


3.            Public Comments Period


4.            Finance Committee Report


5.            Engineering/Grants Committee Report


6.            Public Hearing Report

a.            Accept the 2015 Proposed Budgets


7.            Approve a Can Shake permit for Assumption Council #1099 (9/18-19/15)


8.            Announcement of garbage pick-up schedule for upcoming holidays


9.            Other business as may be added by unanimous vote