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Police Jury Meeting, June 25, 2014
Agenda File

5:05 P.M.  Drainage Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Henry Dupre, Chairman; Mr. Myron Matherne, Mr. Irving Comeaux, Mr. Calvin James, Mr. Booster Breaux, Mr. Martin Triche


1.            Discuss drainage concerns on Lanier Dr. (W2)

2.            Request approval for a catchbasin at 2580 Hwy 1 (W2)

3.            Request approval to trim trees along the Labadieville Drainage Canal (W2)

4.            Request approval for culvert replacement on Convent St. (W2)

5.            Discuss drainage for E.J. Robichaux into Bayou Sec Canal (W4)

6.            Discuss Marais Drainage (W4)

7.            Request approval for culvert replacement on Foley Ave. (W5)

8.            Discuss culverts on Avon Rd. (W7)

9.            Discuss excavator work for Avon Rd. (W7)

10.          Request approval for a catchbasin at the corner of LA 1 & Rose St. (W7)

11.          Request approval for culvert on First St. (W7)

12.          Request approval for outfall project on  Tigerville Lane (W7)

13.          Request approval for culvert replacement at 2321 & 2325 Lee Drive (W8)

14.          Request approval for culvert replacement at 3611 James St. (W9)

15.          Request approval for cross culvert at the end of Mom & Pop St. (W9)


5:20 P.M. Finance Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Martin Triche, Chairman; Mr. Patrick Lawless, Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Booster Breaux


1.            Request approval to pay bills submitted through June 19, 2014

2.            Discuss and consider the request for $1,000 to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank

3.            Louisiana Department of Veterans Affair announcement regarding funding received by families in Assumption Parish

4.            Chamber Quarterly Activity report


5:30 P.M. Engineering/Grants Committee Meeting

Members:  Mr. Irving Comeaux, Chairman; Mr. Henry Dupre, Mr. Patrick Lawless, Mr. Jeff Naquin, Mr. Martin Triche


1.            Adopt resolution authorizing amendments of Professional Engineering Services contract with Duplantis Design Group PC for the following projects:

             Bayou L’Ourse Community Center

             Parish Detention Facility Addition

             Parish Administrative Building

             Assumption Community Center

2.            Update on lights on State Highways

3.            Update on the Road Improvement Project (asphalt & concrete)

4.            Request a hardship variance on side set-backs of 4ft and rear set-backs of 5 ft. for property at 2811 Lee Drive

5.            Update on Disaster Recovery Grants

6.            Update on FEMA appeals

7.            Update on situation in Bayou Corne


5:45 P.M. Public Hearing (Issues on Michel Rd. and Cajun St. relative to weight limits on the roadways  and the size and length of vehicles to be allowed on said roadways)




Regular Meeting

Of the

Assumption Parish Police Jury


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6:00 O’clock p.m.


1.            Roll Call of Police Jurors


2.            Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag


3.            Approval of minutes of June 11, 2014


4.            Public Comments Period


5.            Drainage Committee Report


6.            Finance Committee Report


7.            Engineering/Grants Committee Report


8.            Public Hearing Report


9.            Discuss missed garbage pick up on North Holly Rd.

Ann Marie Gauthreaux


10.          Approve an occupational license submitted for J.T. Haulers, LLC (Belle Rose)


11.          Update from the Assistant District Attorney regarding legality surrounding installation of speed bumps


12.          Approve the 1st  phase of the derelict structure procedure for dwelling located at 132 Oak Lake St. in the Pierre Part Community (W9)


13.          Approve the 1st phase of the derelict structure procedure for dwelling located on North Belle River Rd. (W9)


14.          Discuss recreation park in Brown-Town (W4)

Patrick Johnson


15.          Other business as may be added by unanimous vote