Code Red Emergency Notification Enrollment

Assumption Parish Local Emergency Planning Committee

Congress passed a law in November of 1986 designed to help America’s communities deal safely and efficiently with the many dangerous substances that are used throughout our society. The law is called Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act (EPCRA).

The law was passed to give confidence and support emergency planning for responding to chemical accidents and to provide local governments and the public with information about possible chemical hazards in their communities. The law establishes an ongoing forum at the local level for discussion and a focus for action.

LEPC’s around the country have joined forces to:

ü  Prepare reports on annual releases of toxic chemicals into the air, water, and water

ü  Set up procedures to alert and, if necessary, evacuate the public in case of emergency

ü  Write emergency plans to protect the public from chemical accidents

ü  Provide citizens and local governments with information about hazardous chemicals and accidental releases of chemicals in their communities


Contact the Department of Emergency Preparedness at (985) 369-7386 for more information regarding reports, procedures, and emergency plans.